Budapest between ruin bars and opulence

Time to talk about a place I was not instantly into. Time to talk about Budapest.

I have to admit, I had my expectations up pretty high when I arrived in Budapest. I was hoping for the edgy hipster charm I had experienced – and loved  – in some parts of Melbourne and Berlin combined with beautiful architecture.

And I got a lot of beautiful architecture.


And stunning Danube views.


Furthermore Pest is definitely a hip and creative part of the city with a great nightlife. Even just the ruin bars should actually be worth a visit in Budapest, there is so much to discover.


And have I mentioned I love streetart ?


I should have been perfectly happy and in love. But unlike everyone else I was just not feeling it.

Until the last day when we took a stroll along Danube, drinking some wine and listening t0 some buskers. Unexpectedly that was the moment when the magic happened to me, so sometimes you might have to give a destination a bit of time.




Tips for your visit in Budapest on a budget:

  1. Find cheap and cosy accomodation in Pest. It is a nice part of the city with many options to eat and go out. And the city centre of Budapest is compact enough for you to reach all the sights in Buda by foot anyways, if you do not mind walking a bit. It gives you the chance to discover a bit on the way.
  2. Eat in Pest for cheaper options.
  3. Visit ruin bars like Szimpla Kert at day and night time. A visit during the day gives you the chance to have look at everything while it is not so busy, there are a lot of cool details to see.
  4. The castle offers beautiful views and a nice scenery and so does Fisherman’s Bastille. The latter gets very crowded though.
  5. Climb Gellerts Hill for sunset.
  6. Take that stroll along the Danube at night. It will be worth it.
  7. Get lost in Budapests nightlife and drink a shot of Palinka.




For some reason Portugal had never seemed too exciting to me. Lacking any knowledge of Portuguese culture I would have prefered to go to Spain anytime.

Then I got to know some Portuguese people, went for a visit and now happily admit: I was wrong. I liked Lisbon more than any Spanish city I had been to.

My expectations were not too high and we probably had the worst weather possible but still:  There are places you go to and you are enchanted. Lisbon was such a place to me.



In January the narrow streets of Alfama were basically deserted, at least we were the only tourists to be seen.

And then there is the mixture of tile work and walls full of graffity. The almost stereotypical view of old ladies putting up laudry and the sound of Fado.





It is probably just one of these places you have to experience, pictures do not do justice.